Agado marketing commission

How does Agado's reward system work?

Sample Oy kuva 3

You will receive a monthly marketing commission for each partner’s purchases in your own matrix.To receive the commissions, you must be active, which means you must have a valid monthly subscription of at least 30 € + VAT.

The reward example below is calculated based on 60 € monthly purchases.


Active partners in your matrix

Reward / partner



1 €/kk 


2 €/kk 


3 €/kk


4 €/kk 


5 €/kk 

The amount of your marketing commission per month is obtained by multiplying the number of partners by the fee for each level. For your first level three partners you get € 1 per partner, for the next nine you get € 2 / partner, and so on…

Additional information

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