The road to financial success.

Agado is developing a variety of new services to help the everyday life of a small business owner. Take a look at our service products that help you improve your business profitability.

Agado services

Agado accounting service

Agado accounting services are designed specifically for the needs of small businesses. They are based on the use of Internet-based software and tools.

Agado Taloshallinto

Effortless accounting service without surprise bills.

The main benefits of effortless accounting service for you:

No one likes the feeling of having to pay bills that you are not prepared for! You should always strive for contracts with a flat monthly fee for accounting service, to avoid surprises. When dealing with us, there will be no surprise invoices for you!


If a company’s tax matters are handled poorly, your company can go bankrupt and you could face personal liability for companies tax debts! 


Be wise and careful, always use an expert when handling tax matters.

We take care of corporate tax matters so well that you avoid unnecessary stress and get to sleep in peace! How would it feel like to see the accounting service development of your company with one glance?


Graphic reports are the most important tool for running a company. From them, you can outline the financial development of companies and be able to react quickly if companies are going in the wrong direction. You can also get an expert to help analyze your company’s situation.

Agado homepage hosting service now in 5 languages.

Homepage hosting service package 30 Euro + VAT / Language.

Homepage hosting service includes:

Homepage maintenance.

Website structure, maintenance, and update/update check once a week. This ensures that the various parts and structure of the homepage remain more secure and that the page works.


Homepage update:

Add, delete, or update images. Once a month.

Add, delete, or update text. Once a month.

Add, delete, or update lists. Once a month.

How does -text, add images, lists, and update work?

Agado, or Agado partner, makes/distributes a cloud folder to the customer and guides in using it. Agado or an Agado partner, copies, modifies or updates the text as agreed.

Finnish to another language, translation service.
Only minor changes from the finished material to another language are included in the package price. The smaller amount is 1 – 500 Word Translation / Month. The customer can buy more at an additional cost as needed.



From Finnish, to clear Swedish.


From Finnish, to clear Estonian and likewise.


In common English, which works in both the United States and the United Kingdom.


From Finnish, into clear Russian.

Agado website service.

 Need a basic homepage for your business?


Basic homepage includes:

Business needs assessment for the home page.

First page.

Company’s Info page “Who you are and what do you do”.

Contact page “google map for company + contact form + other contact information.

Photo gallery

Price list page

The company’s new basic website 500 Euro + VAT (24%) Optionally, you can pay monthly € 42.50 + VAT (24%), for a year. 


Website design & IT consulting.

Richard Nyman

Agado entrepreneurial community.

For our partners, it is first and foremost a marketplace for our own products and services and for the products and services of our other partners.

Total price: Consists of the products you choose.

  • Entrepreneurial community membership price: 100 € + VAT/year.

Agado entrepreneurial community is being built into an international small business community.

Benefits of belonging to the community:

  • You can market your products and services to our entire community.

  • You will find new customers, subcontractors, and partners more easily.

  • You will find conversation partners, mentors, and coaches.

  • You will learn to take advantage of new, Internet-based operating models.

  • You get other Agado services at lower prices.

  • You will access our legal security fund.

  • You will benefit from the competence of the best experts in the field.

  • You will have the opportunity to get marketing commissions.

  • You will have the opportunity to get microcredit.

Entrepreneurial community membership includes:

You can access Agado events for free.

You can access the business directory of the Agado website.

You can apply for Agado Financial Services.

Local Support (Network).

Possibility to buy coaching at a discounted monthly price.

  • User training for members of the business community with a monthly fee:
    Possibility to participate in 1x training per month, 30 € + VAT/year (11 months contract).

  • Possibility to participate in 2x training per month, 60 € + VAT/year (11 months contract).